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Wayne and Mary SwansonWelcome to Oregon Good Sam Club

We are proud to welcome you to the Oregon Good Sam website and hope it meets your every need by giving you the information you are seeking or a contact for the information.

Oregon Good Sam was formed in 1969 and for over 46 years we have been enjoying the RV lifestyle whenever we can. There have been wonderful times in the past with great memories and there are good times in the future as well.

Our theme for 2015 is ‘UNDER THE BIG TOP’ and we are looking forward to celebrating the fun, excitement and memories of attending the Circus Show under the Big Tent. Our three State Rallies will be an expansion of this theme with the Grand finale at the June 2015 Samboree, held in Roseburg Oregon for the first time.

We welcome you to as many events as you are able to attend.

If you are new to RVing or new to Oregon or just tired of seeing your RV sitting idle in your driveway..................
GET INVOLVED with Oregon Good Sam and you will reap rewards in friendship and experience beyond measure.

- Larry Minor
- Oregon State Director
- oregon@goodsamfamily.org

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The Drifter is our monthly newsletter that is distributed to Oregon Good Sam Club members and chapters. It is packed full of news, upcoming events and a message from the State Director - all available on a monthly basis by e-mail or mail.

Download SAMPLE now!

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The Best Of Our Chapters

  • Oregon 2013 Samboree, Most Rigs Attending - 79ers
  • Oregon 2013 Samboree, Highest Percentage of Members Present – Layover Sams
  • Oregon 2013 Samboree Brag Flag Chapter of the Year – 79ers
  • 2012 Dogs for the Deaf TOP DOG for Oregon State is Clackamas Campers and placing in the national TOP TEN were two Oregon Chapters - Clackamas Campers and Trail Dusters